The Private Business Club
52 Brook Street, Mayfair, London. W1K 5DS

 At our Private Business Club new companies and collaborative projects have been launched with great success stories. The business levels for some of our members have been breathtaking. Many have worked hard with contacts they have met providing significant opportunities of new business and savings.  We receive continual feedback from members still earning and making thousands of pounds of business every month from the contacts they established at our events. 

Having invested substantial amounts of time and finances in the Private Business Club we are developing a different formant. We will be focusing on continuing to build the Private Members Business club based in Mayfair on a closed invitation only basis, working with businesses that have bought into our objectives.  The Private Business Club has enjoyed exceptional sponsorship helping us to maintain entry costs to a minimum for members since we started giving incredible opportunities to meet and engage with great business contacts.



"I am delighted that within the first month of membership over £15,000 of fee income has been generatated from the Private Business Club and a further £17,000 since then." - Rob Salter, Director, IFA Affinity Financial Advisers, Member

"We have picked up significant business of just under £25,000 covering the cost of our sponsorship and fees many times over" - David Boyland, Director, Digi, Sponsor & Founder Member

"Over £484,000 has been written in new business and costs saved by members over the past 20 months."

"...introduced to a contact at the Private Business Club and within a week received contracts valued over £30,000" - Cliff Horowitz, Director, Mastergroup UK, Founder Member

Private Business Club - Digital Business Magazine

First Edition

  • Our members are featured and advertise their businesses in this magazine

  • Editorial & free advertising for our members

  • Raising the profile of our members in the marketplace

  • Digital magazine sent to 1,000s London based businesses


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