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"I am delighted that within the first month of membership over £15,000 of fee income has been generatated from the Private Business Club and a further £17,000 since then." - Rob Salter, Director, IFA Affinity Financial Advisers, Member

"We have picked up significant business of just under £25,000 covering the cost of our sponsorship and fees many times over" - David Boyland, Director, Digi, Sponsor & Founder Member

"Over £484,000 has been written in new business and costs saved by members over the past 20 months."

"...introduced to a contact at the Private Business Club and within a week received contracts valued over £30,000" - Cliff Horowitz, Director, Mastergroup UK, Founder Member

Jelena Kozomora BA(Hons), ACP, Dip DM

jelena-founder-webJelena is a professional artist.  She graduated in Economics Administration at the Novi Sad Business College and worked in Serbia until 2000 for a company offering professional services to businesses.  She then decided to further her studies in London, 10 years ago, on an accr edited Computer Science course by Greenwich University, London, then moving onto developing her creative skills.

After graduating from West London University, in Visual Communication, Jelena’s first exclusive exhibition ( was held at the House of Lords followed by her second solo exhibition at Westbourne Studios, London where famous personalities attended from TV, film, the House of Lords and business sectors.  Jelena’s latest work ‘The Trilogy’ uses pure silver and glass to create a unique 3D large-scale installation.Professor the Lord Alton said ‘These works of art are evocative and challenging, they leave a lasting impression...’ and Nicola Day, Investment Director, Rathbone Greenbank Investments said ‘I found Jelena’s work most creative and ingenious...’.

Her latest exhibition was held and sponsored by Shell, London. During the last decade she helped to organise conferences, high profile dinners, bespoke events in London and Belgrade.  Jelena has countless links to the arts and film industry in the UK building up a comprehensive database of contacts.   Jelena’s creativity and her visual imagination continually bring a totally new and refreshing perspective to each business event.

We have an exclusive if not unique proposition; by combining the Founders’ skills an experience we look at each business through different eyes, one from a creative point of view and the other more structured, resulting in a strategy for growth.



Howard Tingley AIFP, CFP


At the age of 24 Howard managed his first company specialising in giving financial advice to leading sports personalities and High Net Worth (HNW) expatriates working in South East Asia and the Middle East.  For two years Howard worked for Save & Prosper Unit Trust Group and within 12 months the region he managed moved from the bottom of the new business table to the top of the London and the South East area, in respect of Broker sales of new investments.  By the age of 28 he had acquired his first company Banner Financial Services, specialising in property finance, becoming the largest producer of new business for the Halifax in the region within 1 year.

When he was 29 he became the Senior Partner and co-founder of the Banner Group, offering specialist ethical investment financial planning, launching a series of unit trusts in the city at the end of the ‘90’s’ and medical insurance to NGOs and organisations.  The Banner Group was successfully sold in 2005 with over 10,000 clients from over 100 nations worldwide as the leading international broker in its field in Europe.

Howard has worked on projects leading business delegations in Central & Eastern Europe, Africa and North America, both from a philanthropic angle and also business development with major corporates, finding locations in capital cities for top International Hotels and the SBA of Norway, as CEO, to prepare bids for Government tenders in Central Europe. Howard has addressed heads of state, speaking at conferences and academic forums in the UK, USA, Kenya, Switzerland, Macedonia, Serbia and Lichtenstein, together with international conferences with audiences of up to 9,000 people. In 2008 he returned to work in London to work on a number of development projects for private businesses including the establishment of a City of London based foreign exchange broker and software development.

Howard, as a Certified Financial Planner, with over 25 years of advising high net worth (HNW) individuals and business leaders, specialises in giving constructive practical help for entrepreneurs and businesses that have a desire to leverage growth on the Founders’ experience, knowledge and contacts.

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